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About the profession of attorney...
The role of the law practice is to transpose into a coherent judicial language the will of the client who entrusts it with his defense. The mission of the attorney requires multiple commitments and duties, sometimes in seeming contradiction with the client, the court and the other authorities, with its very profession and with each and every colleague. According to the law, the profession of attorney is based to the following fundamental principles:
  • the principle of lawfulness
  • the principle of liberty
  • the principle of independence
  • the principle of autonomy and decentralization
  • the principle of preserving the privileged communication
Also according to the law, the attorney provides legal assistance and representation in the court of justice, in front of the authorities with legal attributes, of the notary public, of the officers of the court, of the public administration representatives, of the institutions and of other legal persons. The assistance and the representation of the client by a law practice include all documents, means and operations admitted by law and needed to protect his interests. The probity, the spirit of justice and the honesty are essential requisites of an attorney’s credibility. The client is informed (promptly, diligently and correctly) by the attorney with respect to the progress of the assigned case.